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Cooking Demo Class

Thursday, May 16 at 11am

at the Farmhouse (Big White House)

Park behind house

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About me:

My name is Camille and I am a French Traveller/Artist exploring North America for a couple months. I am a food-lover and very passionate about cooking!  I have been sharing my specific family recipe and technique for French Crêpes throughout my travels to chosen people only... 

My grand-mother was born in 1914 and grew up in the south-west of France where she even graduated from High-School. She was not only smart but a wonderful and genuine cook and passed along her passion for southern French "cuisine" and her cooking secrets to my mother and I. I am looking forward to sharing the secret ingredients and  know-how of the "crêpes de Solange" in this historic farmhouse nestled in the valley of Horse Range Mountain part of the Chattoochee National forest.


The workshop:

In a beautiful historic farmhouse kitchen, you will learn how to prepare the dough for French crêpes and the secret ingredients of my grandmother Solange for the best french crêpes you will ever taste! I will guide you through every steps and share some french stories about food and crêpes. We will then bake the crêpes "with a twist of the wrist" before enjoying this treat altogether with your pick of homemade jams, sugar, honey and/or chocolate syrup.

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