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We have partnered exclusively with several fantastic caterers at a variety of price points with delicious menu options.
Click each package for Sample Menus

Are there Minimums or Maximum?

We do not have minimums yet some of our caterers do.Tier 1 has a catering minimum of 25 guests, Tier 2 & 3  have a catering maximum of 100 guests, Tier 3 & 4 have catering minimums of $1800/$2000 or 75 guests.

What is your Tasting Policy?


We discourage tastings as this time to schedule can impact availability with our caterers. The catering menus above include the most popular catering services in our area. These professionals have been vetted and tested. They come with high reviews singing their praises and mouthwatering dishes. These caterers are all smaller businesses that operate only as caterers, and not restaurants. They only cook for weddings or events, and are usually busy on weekends. This has lead us to adopt a 'no tasting policy'.  
Should you still wish to have a tasting with a Caterer or a Baker (tiered cakes only) we can arrange a tasting for up to 4 people during the week at a set cost of $100 per person (Per Caterer or Baker) for a limited amount of selections.  There is also a pick up tasting option available with 2 vendors that would be half the cost.

All of our vendors come with high reviews, and we can personally attest to their excellent food! We are also happy to provide reviews from past couples and guests. 

Do we have to utilize your vendors?

While we do not require that clients work with specific vendors, please know that we selected the caterers on our list after having many come through our doors those first few years because we thought they had good food, good service, because they had very affordable options along with a variety of upgrades, and honestly because we thought they were nice people. These vendors are also vetted for their personable attention and professionalism. Additionally, we have purposely selected small local business owners, because we find they  are personally invested in the success of your wedding day just as we are.
Clients are free to invite and contract any qualified vendor that might assist in turning our barn and estate acreage into their dream event. With that being said, we highly suggest that you use our preferred vendors as we feel they are tried and true and understand our facility not to mention great at what they do. All outside vendors will be required to contact us as soon as possible and no later than 90 days before ceremony date.

For quality assurance and liability, ONLY certified and licensed caterers are allowed . We must approve any new vendor.

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